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Bundles of Premium Palo Santo Sticks (PACK OF 9) sustainably harvested in the heart of Peru. Natural Incense collected respecting the environment in which it grows and the people who harvest it.
Our Palo Santo is Ethically sourced from Northern Peru and is certified by the Peruvian Government, guaranteeing you that this palo santo is authentic and only comes from fallen trees, NO DEFORESTATION ;) ❤

~ Our Palo Santo sticks are MEDIUM TO THICK chunks, not the super thinner sticks you can find everywhere.
~ Palo Santo of the HIGHEST quality on the market.
~ CHOPPED by hand in the classic style: with a machete or knife and hammer, depending on the grain of the wood, not saw.
~ The sticks are HANDPICKED to deliver the best sticks.
~ To guarantee the best quality we have all this in mind: cut by hand, the best sticks are selected: the best possible in size, shape, color, rich in essential oils, aroma before and when burning. And always importing from Peru to ensure this is AUTHENTIC and SUSTAINABLE, no deforestation or illegal collection.
~ We deliver only the greatest quality of palo santo, ETHICALLY sourced from northern Peru.

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